• Restaurant exterior during the day, main entrance
  • Exterior, one of old planes in front of the restaurant
  • Exterior, garden chairs and tables
  • Interior, tables for four
  • Interior, table for four, shelf with books in the back
  • Grilled red meat, mashed potato, vegetables on the side
  • Different types of meat, red dip in the middle, cocktail on the side
  • Dessert cake, white cream and fruit on the side
  • Chocolate dessert, white cream on the side

About us

Located inside a replica of a World War I French farmhouse, the restaurant sits overlooking Montgomery Field Airport and is packed full of military memorabilia, antique farm implements, and aviation relics. The interior is cozy and romantic, with huge stone fireplaces, masses of hanging green plants, dark wood paneling, beamed ceilings, and old airplane wings hanging over the dining area.

On warm evenings and at lunchtime, you can sit outdoors on a grassy embankment at umbrella topped tables and be surrounded by old model airplanes and an army jeep.

About 94th Aero Squadron

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The 94th Aero Squadron was one of the first American fighter squadrons to see combat service. It scored more victories than any other American squadron during the First World War. With such famous names as Rickenbacker, Lufbery, James Norman Hall and others, it became the most famous unit of early American airpower.

The World War One aviator had to have the greatest of courage. When his frail machine broke up or caught fire, he usually fell thousands of feet to his death. He flew during a time when the full color of chivalry appeared and the skies of France saw mounted warriors bearing heraldic markings ride forth for individual combat.

Honor and valor were respected by both sides, and the victor toasted the vanquished. This is the spirit and the atmosphere we have tried to recreate for your dining pleasure.